The following are some of the most popular tennis strings that we use. If there is a string that you are looking for which is not listed here please contact us as we have a larger stock than is listed here. If your chosen string is not in stock then we can usually source it within 1-2 days.

Have a look at the Stringing Guide for information on tension and different types of strings as well as answers to some of the most popular questions.

To get a free grip or overgrip with your first re-string simply quote this page when ordering.





Prince Synthetic Gut White, Gold The worlds most popular synthetic gut £18
Pacific Poly Power Pro Natural Durable excellent value polyester £16
Prince Lightening XX Hot pink All round synthetic with spring-loaded powerfoil for extra power £18
Babolat Pro Hurricane Blue Very popular & durable polyester for the big hitters £20
Babolat Pro Hurricane Tour Yellow Spin friendly durable polyester as used previously by Nadal £20
Yonex Tour Super 850 Natural Soft multifilament with great feel £20
Big Banger ALU Power Silver One of the most popular strings on the ATP Tour with amazing power, durability and control £25
Babolat RPM Blast Black Nadal's string of choice and the most spin friendly string available on the market. The ideal choice for big hitters looking for maximium spin and control £25
Babolat VS Natural Gut Natural The most popular natural gut with a great combination of power, feel and comfort. £40
Customer Supplied String   Supply your own string   (excluding Natural Gut - £15) £12

Tennis Hybrid Stringing

Many people including the majority of ATP and WTA tour players use a hybrid option when stringing their racket. This simply means combining 2 strings to get the benefits of both strings. There are countless options for this but below are some of the more popular combinations. The main string (vertical) is usually a more durable polyester such as Pacific Poly Power Pro, Babolat Pro Hurricane or Big Banger. The cross (horizontal) strings are then often a softer synthetic such as Synthetic Gut, Prince Lightening XX or Yonex Tour Super 850.





Big Banger ALU Power / Rough Synthetic Gut Power and durability from the big banger (and extra spin with the Rough option) combined with the popular synthetic gut (eg Prince, Pacific) £20
Big Banger ALU Power / Rough Yonex Tour Super A very popular combination for all level of players with a great combination of power and feel £20
Babolat Pro Hurricane Synthetic Gut Very durable main strings with extra feel provided by the the synthetic gut cross strings £20
Babolat Pro Hurricane Tour Synthetic Gut Added spin and durability from the main strings and the softer feel but less durability of the cross strings £20

As mentioned above there are countless combinations available and the ones listed above are just some of the more popular options. If you would like any information on other combinations please contact us.

All rackets are restrung by an ERSA (European Racket Stringers Association) and USRSA (United States Racquet Stringer's Association) Master Racquet Technician using a top of the range Yonex ES5 Pro stringing machine which is one of the best available on the market. All rackets are strung to the highest specification and using the most current techniques many of which are used on the Professional Tour.